Umar Akmal Trolled On Twitter Over Botched Caption – News Description

Umar Akmal Trolled On Twitter Over Botched Caption


Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal was brutally trolled on social media after a screenshot of a now-deleted tweet went viral for its hilarious caption. Sharing a picture of him with former teammate Abdur Razzak, Umar Akmal wrote “Mother from another brother”, botching up the popular phrase. While the batsman deleted the tweet soon after posting it, the screenshot of the tweet was shared widely, with “#UmarAkmalQuote” becoming a trend, as users wrote their own botched up versions of popular quotes using the hashtag.

“If being crime is handsome then arrest me,” one user tweeted.

“Normal Person : Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You. Umar Akmal : Don’t Feed The Hand That Bites You,” tweeted another.

“If being crime is a handsome, then arrest me,” wrote another user.

“Policy is the best honesty,” tweeted another.

“If you are free at something, never do it for good,” came another tweet.

“If opportunity doesn’t door, build a knock,” tweeted another user.

Umar Akmal finds himself in the news for the wrong reasons more often than not. He made a comeback for Pakistan last October but was soon the subject of more trolling after he made two consecutive ducks.


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