Viral Video: Elephants Enjoy A Meal On Wheels While Waiting At A Red Light – News Description

Viral Video: Elephants Enjoy A Meal On Wheels While Waiting At A Red Light



  • A video surfaced on social media of two elephants in a convoy
  • Their trucks stopped at a red light which is when they gorged on snacks
  • They ate sugarcanes from the truck which had stopped beside them

We all are too familiar with traffic woes in India. People who travel by cars often complain about being stuck in traffic and having to wait for hours at end for the roads to clear up. It takes a toll mentally and physically as well – giving rise to severe hunger pangs. What if we told you that you could snack on-the-go that too while stuck in traffic!? Sounds like the ideal situation, right? Two elephants from Thailand were seen doing exactly this in a viral video that surfaced on social media.

The video had two elephants touted to be from Northern Thailand, travelling in trucks when their convoy stopped at a red light. Much to the delight of the elephants, the truck beside them was full to the brim with sugarcane! The elephants gladly gorged on the fruity delight, without the knowledge of the truck driver. Watch the viral video here:

The video got 1.6 million views on Facebook within a span of one week. Several social media users commented on the video, feeling surprised at the elephants’ quick-mindedness. “Enterprising, smart elephant. Somebody put the food here for me might as well grab it!” wrote a Facebook user. Funny responses, too, thronged on social media as one user said, “Meals on wheels!!” Another one wrote – “Did they order their food by making a trunk call?” One hilarious user posed an important question, “The driver of that truck is going to make his delivery and say I got robbed. By who? Elephants.”

Some users reacted strongly to the video as well, saying that the elephants were being transported quite dangerously and could be harmed in the process. They were also concerned that the elephants may have been kept captive, and thus, were satisfying their hunger by eating the sugarcane. “They certainly shouldn’t be in trucks, no doubt chained to keep them from escaping. Let’s hope they are being taken somewhere to be set free to live a happy life in the wild.”


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