Motorola Razr Display Gives Up in a Week, Screen Separates From Top Lamination: Report – News Description

Motorola Razr Display Gives Up in a Week, Screen Separates From Top Lamination: Report


Motorola Razr recently underwent iFixit’s teardown test and got a paltry score of 1 out of 10, indicating that the phone is a reparability nightmare. And who can forget the spectacular failure of its hinge mechanism in a simulated test earlier this month? Well, it appears that Motorola won’t get a respite anytime soon. The Motorola Razr unit of a tech publication has started showing signs of massive display damage, as the phone’s foldable display panel appears to have separated from the top lamination in the hinge area, creating an air gap underneath and affecting touch sensitivity.

Input reports that merely after a week of using the Motorola Razr, the foldable phone’s OLED display has started peeling apart. In the images shared by the publication, the top lamination layer has separated from the OLED layer underneath in the hinge area. This has created a large air gap that extends from one end to another. Here’s how the damage was described:

The screen was completely warped from hinge-to-hinge with the top layer raised like a poorly applied screen protector.

razr body input mag Razr

The phone’s OLED layer separated from the top lamination, creating an air gap
Photo Credit: Input


It is said that the damaged area keeps expanding in size as the phone is folded and unfolded. It is worth noting that no external damage like a scratch or brute force caused it to happen. The display’s folded region which tucks inside alongside the curved hinge is where the top layer has peeled off completely from the display, making it non-responsive to touch inputs. It also drastically affects the colour output and how content appears on the Motorola Razr’s display.

It is unclear what caused the damage, but Input speculates that variable temperature ranging from sub-Celsius to room conditions might have played a role here. Motorola is yet to provide an official response regarding the fresh fiasco. But one thing is clear – foldable phones that cost as much as $1,500 (roughly Rs. 1,07,000) are a fragile piece of hardware that need way more careful handling than a regular phone, and are susceptible to damage from elements that should not be a cause of concern in the first place.


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