Bengaluru Businessman Crashes Lamborghini Into Traffic Post – News Description

Bengaluru Businessman Crashes Lamborghini Into Traffic Post


No one was injured in the incident.


A CCTV footage that shows a Lamborghini Gallardo crashing into a traffic post in Bengaluru has emerged after a businessman was accused of ramming the luxury car into the checkpost, posting photos with debris and abandoning the vehicle.

In the six-second clip, the green Lamborghini is seen on road with two other cars – a black Audi and a white Porche. It races ahead and takes a deliberate turn to the left, rams the traffic post.

A two-wheeler driver, who witnesses the crash, slows down the vehicle and stops right behind the Lamborghini.

The man who was behind the wheels has been identified as Sunny Sabharwal, the son of a co-owner of an amusement park in Bengaluru. No one was injured in the incident, said police.

In visuals, which he posted on social media and later deleted, Sunny Sabharwal is seen posing next to the debris. The luxury car did not have a number plate.

“The person who was driving the car had surrendered but we arrested him after following due legal process. He was later released on bail,” said a senior police officer, Ravikanth Gowda. The luxury car has been seized, he added.

The traffic post, which was damaged, has been repaired.

In another similar incident, son of a Karnataka Congress MLA, who is out on bail in a pub assault case, has been accused of speeding a Bentley and injuring two men in a hit-and-run incident in Bengaluru.

On Sunday, Mohammad Nelpad Harris, son of Congress MLA N Harris, allegedly crashed into two vehicles, injured two men and then abandoned his luxury car at the accident spot. He later sent another person to claim responsibility for the accident, which was took place at around 2:30 pm, said police.


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