Netflix Will Now Let You Disable Its Autoplay Feature – News Description

Netflix Will Now Let You Disable Its Autoplay Feature


Netflix Will Now Let You Disable Its 'Most Annoying' Feature

Netflix users will now have the option to disable autoplay (Representative Image)

You know that feeling when you open Netflix and it starts blaring out a trailer right away? Yes, that annoying feeling. For years, Netflix users have complained about the streaming platform’s autoplay feature – with many branding it the most annoying part of their TV watching experience. The good news is that Netflix is finally giving users the option to disable autoplay – thanks to Sarah Hollowell, a woman who complained about the feature on Twitter

According to a tweet by the American company, users can now disable autoplayed previews that, up until now, started automatically while scrolling through Netflix. Netflix will also let users disable the autoplay feature that starts a new episode as soon as one ends.

“We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear – members can now control whether or not they see autoplay previews on Netflix,” wrote Netflix on Twitter Friday, responding to the tweet from Ms Hollowell where she said she was willing to give away her “entire kingdom” for a way to turn off the autoplay while browsing Netflix.

To disable or enable autoplay, users will have to sign in to Netflix from a web browser, go to the ‘Manage Profiles’ option and choose the setting they like.

The change was widely applauded on social media, with many thanking Netflix for doing away with its “most annoying” feature.

Ms Hollowell, a resident of Muncie, Indiana, told Recode that she tweeted about Netflix’s autoplay feature after a particularly frustrating browsing session.

“I was clicking through all the categories on the homepage and I was so distracted by knowing that I had to move fast to avoid the autoplay that I could barely register the titles,” Ms Hollowell told Recode. “I ended up muting the TV, and it was the kind of mild annoyance that’s perfect for whining about on Twitter.”

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