10 Big Zingers From PM Modi Against Congress Today – News Description

10 Big Zingers From PM Modi Against Congress Today


10 Big Zingers From PM Modi Against Congress Today

PM Modi took potshot at Congress in parliament on several instances.

New Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pummeled the Congress as he rebutted opposition criticism in parliament on the citizenship law CAA, the Article 370 move and the economy besides a range of other subjects. As he took on the main opposition party and one of its top leaders, Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi did not hold back, even comparing the Congress MP to a slow-reacting “tubelight”.

Here are top 10 quotes on Congress by PM Modi in parliament.

  1. “The Congress sees citizens on the basis of their faith, we see everyone as Indian.”

  2. “Does a party that keeps talking about secularism not remember 1984 and the anti-Sikh violence?”

  3. “I have decided to do more Surya Namaskars to be prepared for the beating that the Congress plans for me after six months.”

  4. “In 70 years, no Congress leader has ever become self-sufficient.”

  5. “I have been speaking for 30-40 minutes but it took this long for the current to reach. Many tubelights are like this (On Rahul Gandhi).”

  6. “I will resolve berozgaari (unemployment) in the country but I will not let your (Congress and other opposition parties) joblessness go away.”

  7. “Congress abandoned Gandhi’s teachings decades ago. You have abandoned Gandhiji, the nation doesn’t expect much from you.”

  8. “Congress should talk about saving constitution 100 times a day, it should be their mantra. Maybe each time that you speak about Constitution, you’ll realise its importance.”

  9. “Had we also worked the way you did, nothing would have changed… and people wanted change. A significant change.”

  10. “You (Congress) are sitting there (in the opposition benches) because of what you did”


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