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Introduction and Need of the Vinegar Powder | Market Analysis and Trends

Vinegar Powder Market: Introduction

Vinegar powder is an easy and convenient way to add flavor to marinades, sauces, and salads. It is used for sprinkling on various dishes and meats, salads, and vegetables. It is especially good when used as a salt substitute for green veggies. Liquid vinegar has a strong taste and odor and many people do not like the taste thus vinegar powder is best option in such cases. Vinegar powder is more processed and does not offer the similar benefits as that of liquid vinegar.

Various market players are offering different varieties of vinegar powders under gluten-free, non-GMO, and all natural ingredients claims. For instance, Dallesandro Gourmet Ingredients provide vinegar powder which is all natural, gluten free and Non-GMO.

Vinegar Powder Market: Segmentation

Vinegar powder market is segmented on the basis its types as balsamic vinegar powder, apple cider vinegar powder, white wine vinegar powder, red wine vinegar powder, rice vinegar powder, malt vinegar powder and others. Apple cider vinegar powder market segment holds major shares in global vinegar powder market. However, rice vinegar powder and other natural vinegar powders such as honey, cava and sherry etc. are expected to gain significant market shares in near future. Increasing consumer awareness about consumption of vinegar is a factor fueling market demand for vinegar powder market. Growing demand for various flavored and seasoned snack products is a factor fueling the growth of global vinegar powder market.

Vinegar powder market is further segmented on the basis of regions such as North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa. Amongst regional market segments, Europe is major market followed by North America and Asia-Pacific respectively. Increasing uses of sauces and dressings in different dishes and growing popularity of these products in the developing regions are expected to drive market growth in the Middle East and other developing markets.

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Vinegar Powder Market: Dynamics

The global vinegar powder market is mainly driven by the innovations in the flavor and products, along with the rising awareness about benefits of these products. Also, the increasing Mergers and acquisition in the market are expected to further enhance the sales of vinegar powder. Increasing consumer awareness about the various health benefits associated with dressing vinegar, and vinegar powders products are witnessing a significantly increasing application in the food industry. Vinegar powders flavored with fruit, honey, and malt is gaining popularity. Vinegar powder is also rich in vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, and enzymes. Vinegar powder offers various therapeutic properties such as antimicrobial, antioxidant effects, weight loss, heart health, brain health, increased nutrients absorption etc.

An increasing number of consumers are also interested in animal welfare and additives. Mainly GMO-free and grown without pesticide labels are important among consumers in the U.K. Natural coloring ingredients are also gaining traction in the market. All these factors are expected to drive sales of vinegar powder market during the forecast period. Vinegar and vinegar powder are being used as a substitute for unhealthy fats traditionally used in commercial salads and dressings. The simple ingredient substitution is for healthy recipes, which do not compromise taste and enjoyment. Flavored vinegar powders are gaining traction in the market as a substitute for salad dressings. These vinegar powders are low in calories and saturated fats and are healthy substitutes for dressings.

Vinegar Powder Market Key Players:

The vinegar powder market is fragmented and competitive, with a large number of players operating at the regional and local level. Key global market players participating in global vinegar powder market include Doehler GMBH, Amtech Ingredients, Woodland Foods, The Great American Spice Co., The Melbourne Food Depot, Flieschmann’s Vinegar, Spice Barn, Inc, Spice Mountain, Corbion, Hangzhou New Asia International Co. Ltd etc.

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