US Going for its first Opioid Controlling Addiction test Using In-Brain Chip Technology

An opioid is a type of drug that affects our nervous system producing a feeling of pain belief and pleasure but the addiction to such drugs can cause problems in health, social and economic life.

The Overdose or Excess Usage of such drugs negatively affect person mentality and a result personal and professional relationship get hamper.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services in 2016 and 2017 total, 47600 people died due to Opioids overdose and more than 130 people died from opioids related drug overdose.

The First Clinical trial of DBS (Deep brain Stimulation) for methamphetamine addiction was done in China at Rujin Hospital, Shanghai along with the Opioids Addicts test.

Researchers at West Virginia University Medicine and West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (RNI) are conducting first US clinical Trials using DBS to treat opioids.

DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) uses tiny electrodes which are put into specific brain areas that are responsible for creating addictions or self-control behaviors, these electrode uses electric impulses to enhance positive brain waves and destruct harmful signals.

This In Brain chip will provide information regarding the craving of opioids in patients and will help the doctor to counter that craving by sending counter impulses to that region this will also help scientists to understand brain addiction mechanisms.

RNI First trail included 4 Patients who have undergone various treatment programs earlier but still, they were suffering without any success.

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