Soon Artificial Sunflower “SunBOTS” will harvest Solar Energy – News Description

Soon Artificial Sunflower “SunBOTS” will harvest Solar Energy

The scientist had created a Mini Technology loaded sunflower that would help to harvest solar energy just like solar panels but differently.

Artificial Sunflower also known as SunBOT will be planted in a row to harvest energy and they will rotate or bend towards the light.

Each SunBOT consist of a top and stem, Flower top is made up of standard light-absorbing materials used in solar cell and stem is made up of material that reacts to light.

SunBOT is less than 1mm Wide.

When SunBOT stem is exposed to light it gets heated up and shrinks which causes the stem to bend and making flower top exposed towards the light, the stem will stop bending when the flower is aligned towards the light as alignment will cause shadow wand cools down the stem.

Ximin and her colleague at the University of California tested the stems by making a panel of SunBOTS with and without bending the material, as a result, they found panel with bending stem is able to harvest energy 400 times than others.

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