Spotify launches an App Customised for Children – News Description

Spotify launches an App Customised for Children

Spotify Music Streaming company launched a new music app tailored for Kids initially it will be rolled out in Ireland.

The App is made for children aged between 3 to 10 years which consists of about 6000 Tracks selected by Spotify selectors.

The app will not contain any songs with foul language or any song referring to guns and violence

The App will be Ads Free and will come under the Spotify Premium family subscription and child account will be counted as one the 6 allowed account in the membership costing $14.99 USD for a full premium family subscription.

Spotify Kids App is available for both iOS and Android Platforms, it will allow users to click movie character to make a playlist . Older kids can search songs but not by any Specific Artist or Album

As Privacy Concerned Spotify cleared that it will not collect any data and allow parents to delete children’s accounts, it would only collect which are songs are being played and it would not be shared with any third parties.

Spotify is working on this app for two years.

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